Monday, February 4, 2013

Things are afoot at Slum and Blight!

We collected our first rent yesterday!  Feels good to put money in the bank before we start draining the account once we take possession.  

We are here for another 10 days this month before we leave for a few weeks of sun and sand and honeymoon!  We can't wait, but I have resolved to start thinking more about the building these next two weeks.  I want to get the furnace cleaned and assessed by Jim's Burner Service.  Apparently, the vegetable oil burner is not working and so we will probably abandon the idea of keeping Winston's practice of burning vegetable oil when available.  

I also heard from one of my spies that things are moving along over there.   Seems to be a fork lift and a trailer and a lot of big things being moved out of the building.  I am glad.  

We fully expect to find that some of the stuff that is currently in the building will remain.  I told Greg that when the weather gets better, I would throw open the garage door on the front of the building and just put a sign that says " chance"  with an arrow.  An ad in the paper will bring folks around to see what they can scavenge for cheap.  I find that the most amazing things sell when given a chance. We would rather repurpose what we can than throw it away.  I am going to have fun doing that!.

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