Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Design inspirations for Slum and Blight

Greg and I have been craning our necks everywhere we've been for design inspirations and funky, interesting ideas for buildouts.  We were at Little Door last night for dinner in Los Angeles and decided if we were ever to open a restaurant in the shed space (calm down, ain't happnin') we could really make the interior interesting and funky with old doors and auction finds for decoration, while serving really good comfort food and nice Brazilian Jazz on the speakers.  Make it cozy and they will come, right??

We've seen a good amount of painted concrete floors, something I want to do in the gambrel roof shed for a floor...I have in my mind a painted and rubbed floor resembling a burnished gold / bronze surface.  I think it would be stunning.   Copper sheeting and wood trimmed wainscoting is something else I thought of while in a bar in Santa Barbara.  I just found this example of a aged copper sheet to be had on the internet for $350.00 a 3 x 4' sheet.  There has to be an interesting treatment we can figure out ourselves.  I love some of the colored copper sheets offered online.

 Pebbled walls and strips of complementing veined marble tiles were also in our fantasy mix of building materials.

At the Palm Springs pre-fab show, we had confirmation of our idea to add a repurposed shipping container or two to the back lot, adding a few smaller, affordable retail spaces for vendors....
Just imagine:  "Slum and Blight, A Shopping Experience in Downtown Belfast!" 

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