Friday, January 1, 2016

In which I dream of the next project

Like when you are single and people ask you when you are going to get finally get married and people start asking when you are going to start having children....I have been asked repeatedly about what our next project would be.  For a while I said that Greg went back to work full time and that I was contributing to a book....well now that the book is in edits, I can't use that line anymore.  Truth is, besides being a boring private art dealer for the rest of my days, there is no other project in sight.  

But if there was.......if money was no object and I could have my way....the 1803 Thomas Whittier house on Primrose Hill in Belfast would be mine for the taking and restoring....

With just a bit of paint and paper, and a shitload of bricks and mortar, and a ton more money, we could have this place shining.  I've always wanted to live in a four-square and looked high and low along the coast for an affordable one when we first moved here.  

The Brick Four-Square to the immediate left of this house is also on my radar and has been for quite some time.  I can't wait until someone takes those trees out in front and shows off one of the most imposing facades in Belfast.  Alas, I think the brick house may be too far gone for someone to swoop in and treat it the way it was meant to be treated.  

I am very glad that the White House sold to someone who is turning it back into a single family house.  

These would be my fantasy projects.