Tuesday, May 5, 2015

In which the last floor is laid in the apartment

Well. my back tells me we did it.  Yesterday marked the day of the last floor being put down (save for the carpeting, but we aren't installing that.)

The mudroom at the entrance to the apartment now has a floor! 
Instead of looking like this....

The space has been transformed with the revolutionary new product that softens foot falls (in blue) and the grey ash / oak (?) flooring.  

It makes a beautiful entry way and we are hella excited its done.  Took one day of the two of us laying and stapling, but so much better than a week to put down a tile floor.  Now to get the closet doors (today), and wait for delivery of the kitchen appliances.

We were finally able to order get delivery on the rest of the kitchen, which should be here next week.  

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RWC said...

It is definitely a work in progress. Getting the right counters can be a hassle but it's progress when the appliances and fridge are hooked up.