Wednesday, June 3, 2015

In which......carpet!

The first two photos were taken about 2 and a half years apart.  In this first one, you can see Greg pulling down the "rooms" in the attic from sometime in January of 2013.  This was the start of our saga.  The second photo shows us near the end.  The carpeting finally went down on the second floor of the apartment, and I think it looks spectacular.  Greg and I have a week and a half to finish the first floor before that carpeting goes down...then it comes down to two weeks to do the little things before our first renters arrive.  

Master bedroom is a huge space at 19 x 24'   This is right where the king bed is going.  I am standing where the master bedroom living room will be.  

Second bedroom with a queen for now, but will have two twins that can be put together.  The queen goes downstairs when that room is finished.  Sparsely furnished for now.  I can't bear to put holes in the walls!

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