Tuesday, June 30, 2015

In which we finish with about four hours to spare.....

I was having keys made at 5pm when the key guy said he didn't have the right length key to match the apartment door.  I just calmly stood there watching him search.  I helpfully said " It goes to a fire door I bought from you guys." He kept searching.  My eyes landed on the right key about 10 seconds before his did.  Before that I had that knot in my stomach imagining me saying to the renters "No AC in the front room until tomorrow and no keys to the apartment, its ok if you leave it unlocked....really."  everything was right with the world....I found a make due kitchen garbage can until we find the perfect design in yet another shade of gray that will take 13 gallon bags and miniature rose bushes were on sale at the Hannaford.  
We did it.
Here are the newest photos to prove it.

Our friend Peg Worth painting the oil in the dining room.

We had fun with the living room

Winston gave me the letters when he was cleaning out the barn after he sold the place to us.  Greg and I had fun dreaming up "FEAST"

I love this end of the living room, its turned out so much cozier than either of us suspected.  The framed architectural print is from a late 19th century German pattern book that a librarian at the Art Institute gave to me, or rather, told me where to find the deaccessioned volumes out by the trash barrels.  (the library was given a copy in much finer condition, and I ended up with almost 300 polychrome architectural prints from the 1890s, most with duct tape holding them together.  

Fantasy bathroom

Greg put up the SOS in the book nook this morning

and wonderful William Zorach watercolors

The sunny first floor bedroom has its own balcony and this funky armoire we got at a local tag sale.

We couldn't find the right couch, so we made the second floor living room into a game room with comfy chairs, a backgammon board, some puzzles and the DVD screen.  

The master bedroom has a super nice living area

The bed looks pretty comfortable too.

 My favorite, the little bathroom.  It would make any New Yorker feel at home

Crazily enough, the William Zorach watercolor in this room matches the sheets and the lampshades.  Not intentionally mind you, but I probably had the colors on my brain. 

more living room and that's it, really.  

we made it.

thanks everyone.

In which we are ready....we hope!

Through the miracles of modern blogging, we jump from getting the upstairs carpeted to having the whole place furnished and ready for renters today.  Greg and I are broken and sore, but we got it done, and not without help from a LOT of people.  Thank you all, Larry, Sharon, Michael and Bonnie, Monicque, Seth and Sarah, David and Sarah and the crew at Marshall Wharf, Jared, Davey, Willy, and all of you who came to help us, support us, and feed us!  We love Belfast and our community for just this reason.  

I haven't taken the final photos, and lots of these images have changed already with additions and subtractions....Will take more photos after today is over

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

In which......carpet!

The first two photos were taken about 2 and a half years apart.  In this first one, you can see Greg pulling down the "rooms" in the attic from sometime in January of 2013.  This was the start of our saga.  The second photo shows us near the end.  The carpeting finally went down on the second floor of the apartment, and I think it looks spectacular.  Greg and I have a week and a half to finish the first floor before that carpeting goes down...then it comes down to two weeks to do the little things before our first renters arrive.  

Master bedroom is a huge space at 19 x 24'   This is right where the king bed is going.  I am standing where the master bedroom living room will be.  

Second bedroom with a queen for now, but will have two twins that can be put together.  The queen goes downstairs when that room is finished.  Sparsely furnished for now.  I can't bear to put holes in the walls!

Monday, June 1, 2015

In which I have been remiss and here are some photos

No time for commentary other than to say that the carpet installers arrive this morning to start on the second floor.  Kitchen is done save for the bartop and finishing the countertops / putting in the cabinet side panels.  It came out rather well!  All the bathrooms work, so we feel human with running water, etc.  
I find that I update the Ocean House facebook page more than I do here.  It is open to the public, so join us there as well.